The Nature of the Operation

Arthroscopy of the knee is a minimally invasive operation for the knee. It is generally done as a day operation whereby the patient can return home the same day. However, it is necessary for you to arrange for somebody to drive you to and from the hospital.The operation is performed through 2 or 3 small skin incisions usually. An arthroscope (telescope like a spy camera), similar in size to a pencil, is inserted through the skin incisions into the inside of the knee. This picture is magnified and reproduced on a television monitor. Dr Ho will use specially designed long-handled slender instruments to perform surgery as required through other skin incisions. During the operation a good volume of sterile fluid will be used to fill and rinse the inside of the knee. Most often the operation will be done under a general anaesthetic and will take about 40 minutes to an hour.

The Purpose of the Operation

Potential risks

Post-operative Follow-up

Bandages, Dressings and Stitches

Pain Relief and Crutches

Length of Recovery

Post-operation Exercises

If you experience unexpected post-operative problems